Gluten-free Diet May Help Protect Bones In People With Celiac Disease

Research looked at a decade of data from

“Our research confirmed that patients had a higher rate of hip fractures when tissue damage persisted over time,” study author—crucial-data-released-231403591.html Dr. Benjamin Lebwohl, of the Celiac Disease Center at the Columbia University Medical Center, said in a journal news release. “Sticking garcinia cambogia to a gluten-free diet is crucial for minimizing tissue damage and reducing the risk of a serious fracture that could cause other complications.” Celiac disease is an autoimmune disorder that affects about 1 percent of people in the United States, according to the researchers. People with the condition have an immune response in the small intestine when they eat the protein gluten, which is found in grains such as wheat.
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8 Diet Rules to Ditch After 40

PHOTO: Weigh in once a week for a more accurate number than daily weigh-ins can provide.

8 Diet Rules To Ditch After 40 6. Ditch: Drink a daily glass or two of wine An additional 100 to 200 calories from a couple glasses of wine can easily contribute to weight gain over timea fact that applies to anyone. But when you get older, it gets more complicated: Aside from calories, as we age our bodies also do not metabolize alcohol as easily, making its effects more toxic, Zied says. Opt for a lower calorie option like seltzer or club soda with a splash of 100% fruit juice, and do not exceed 7 drinks a week, says Zied. 8 Diet Rules To Ditch After 40 7.
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Diet Coke gets sexy sweet Chantal Thomass design

View gallery The new Chantal Thomass Diet Coke can echoes the motifs of the French lingerie designer’s sexy u In its latest designer collaboration, Diet Coke has teamed up with French lingerie designer Chantal Thomass for a chic and sexy limited edition can, available in France. Arriving in French stores in time for Valentine’s Day, the new Coca-Cola Light can is perfectly suited to the season, with its seductive lingerie motif designed by Chantal Thomass. The women’s underwear specialist has created a glamorous design featuring black lace and a heart-shaped ribbon. Diet Coke has partnered with an impressive roster of designers. In 2013, the soft drink celebrated its 30th anniversary with Marc Jacobs, who followed in the footsteps of world-famous designers such as Jean-Paul Gaultier and Nathalie Rykiel. Even Karl Lagerfeld has designed a can for the company.
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